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Renaissance II
Reformation and modern sports
Industrial revolution and modern sports
Modern sports and Olympics
Olympics: from Athens (1896) to Berlin (1932)
Socialism, communism and sports
Football and globalization
Winter sports
Tour de France and « lieu de mémoire »
Swimming and bath
Swimming II
Paralympic games


Paralympic Games (Slides)

"Four visually-impaired athletes all finished the Paralympic 1,500m final with faster times than the Rio Olympic gold medal winner.
The ground-breaking race saw Algeria's Abdellatif Baka smash the Paralympic world record with a time of three minutes and 48.29 seconds on Monday.
This is more than 1.7 seconds faster than U.S. runner Matthew Centrowitz who claimed gold in the men's Olympic 1,500m final (...)

Gold: BAKA Abdellatif (WR)
Silver: DEMISSE Tamiru
Bronze: KIRWA Henry

Start list:

DEMISSE Tamiru Ethiopia
ALOUI Bilel Tunisia
KIRWA Henry Kenya
JACQUES Yeltsin Brazil
WIETECKI Lukasz Poland
AGRIPINO dos SANTOS Julio Cesar Brazil
BAKA Fouad Algeria
BENIBRAHIM Youssef Morocco
HAMMAMI BilelTunisia
BAKA Abdellatif Algeria
MAME Abdelillah Morocco
OUELLET Guillaume Canada
DAVIS Chaz United States of America
CLIFFORD Jaryd Australia


Swimming Pool II (law: recent cases) (Slides)

 (Remember: be critical when you read newspaper articles and make your own judgment) 

PS: see Wikipedia contributors, "Reasonable accommodation," Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Reasonable_accommodation&oldid=751311978 (accessed November 24, 2016).  
(Again, be critical with Wikipedia and check your information) 

Swimming and baths (Slides)

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